W. Adam Richardson
I'm a web designer, a front-end web developer, and an illustrator. Research comes first for me in any project so that I can be sure the design I'm creating fits the client and serves their intended purpose. I'm serious about developing well-crafted solutions, but not to the point that I can't have fun with it. In my downtime, I like to play video games and create art through illustration.

Historic Figure:

Nicolas Flamel

This is a website I designed for the historic figure Nicolas Flamel, commonly known from the Harry Potter series as the creator of the philosopher's stone. This website debunks the myth that Nicolas Flamel was an alchemist and goes into detail about his real life.

Design Illustrations Code
Scribe's Quill

Responsive Web:

Shark Anatomy

Sharks are an important part of Earth's ecosystem; sadly we know very little about them. This website lists some of the things we do know in order to dispel the myth that sharks are only killing machines. It explains the shark's adaptations and the purpose of each part of their anatomy.

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Mako Shark Tooth
Sled Dog

Responsive Web:

Sled dogs rescue

In today's tech-heavy world it's important that charitable organizations have exceptional websites to attract donors and volunteers. This is an improved website for Sled Dogs Rescue, which is a dog rescue that operates in Northern Europe and in Switzerland.


Retail Packaging:

Eddie Bauer

See another side of nature with this winter retail packaging. Eddie Bauer is a company all about getting people to enjoy nature and getting them outside. These package designs reflect Eddie Bauer's ideals without having a stereotypical holiday feel.

Mountain Cliffs
Broken Chains

Audio to Ink:

Concert Set

We all have inner demons, and no music artist has ever quite captured the feeling like Joji has in his song "Demons." This is a set of designs to be used at a concert or music festival that utilizes the chilling feeling and sadness conveyed through the majority of Joji's songs.

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